Prompt Week 2: Mindful

Being mindful in NY means being aware that you are not a native to the city: you are a tourist.

Stay out of the way for the natives that way you will not be in their way. You are a visitor.

In TimeSquare, that is the place to be in the way, to be a tourist, because Timeshare is a tourist spot. Everyone there will most likely be in the same situation as you, so there you do not have to be mindful.

In responce to the weather, you just have to pull trough and deal with it. It is best to come to NY prepared. If the natives can live everyday life in the weather, you can survive for one day.

It seems that all it takes to be a mindful traveler is to have common sense.



Prompt Week : Maps

IMG_4301 One characteristic I confirmed about myself is that I am a visual person. Everything is connected or has a purpose, both on my map and in my mind. Also, I drew multiple pictures throughout my map because it made the topic clearer for me. It also made the task more interesting and fun.

What I noticed most about my peers was that their maps were very orderly. They followed the directions exactly, while I drew rather than glue on boxes.

We all had a few topics I’m common: family, friends, interest. However, the distanced from the center changed with each person. That demonstrated that while we each had something in common, the importance of each changed based on how important they are to the person.