Reflection Prompt 5

When alone, people are helpless. Things can not change when one is alone; one will unfortunately continue to be oppressed. However, when people join together, we can do anything.

Jamaica is going through hard times. The documentary “Life and Dept” shows the people’s struggle to simply live. Yet there is hope. As shown, their is a common feeling of oppression in the country. People naturally can not stand that feeling; we need to be free. The documentary will help spread the word of the trouble in Jamaica. People will want to help, and they will join together.

The shirtwaist strike and the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory are the best examples of resilience and the power of a group. One the workers from all the factories join together and formed a union, most of the companies gave into the workers’ demands. Their resilience to continue to strike despite the police, the beatings, and the hardships is what empower them continue until their demands were met.They are my example of resiliency.

Unfortunately, the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory did not completely surrender. That is why the tragedy occurred. The owners did not listen to the workers when their asked for better working conditions. About 108 people died, the youngest being 14. it is sad, but true that is the number wasn’t as large, if people did not die together, the necessary safely laws would have not been put to act that saves people everyday. People need to be together to achieve a goal.



Reflection Week 4: Sidewalks

I have never thought much about sidewalks until now. Of course I was curious about the life and story about the people I happened to come across. However, I knew there was no hope of me getting those answers, so I guess overtime I simply pushed those thoughts to the back of ┬ámy mind and continued walking to my destination. Also, where I am from, the sidewalks sometimes don’t exist. With lost of streets and no sure path, I did not walk on sidewalks a lot. The main time I did is walking my dogs in my neighbor hood.

Now that I am in college, walk everywhere, and am in a class that has much discussion about sidewalks, i have no choice but to notice them and let my thoughts wonder like when I was young. It is funny really, a sidewalk is just a bunch of slabs of concrete set up one after the other after the other, and here I am, in a class full of intelligent college girls with our professors talking about sidewalks. I admit, this was one topic I never thought would be in such a serious discussion.

Sidewalks are so important for street walking because it shows where one is safe and to not get run over. They are very helpful if you ask me. Anyhoo, (yes I did just use that word. It is my blog so I will have my fun.) Both Humans of New York and JR’s “Glob Trotters” satisfied my curiosity about people’s life and story. My favorite was the Human of New York man that I found. He just lost his wife of many decades. He reminds me of my Grandfather. My Grandmother died a couple of years ago. It was expected, however, of course he was still upset. They are similar. Both lonely with the loss of their sole mate, but both moving forward.

I seem to be rambling and missing the entire point of the reflection. The thought about “sidewalk actuality” seems to fit what I was rambling on about. The concept seems to be, unless I completely misunderstood it (it can happen, especially now that my thoughts are wondering around to write this) about scenes. Short moments that seem insignificant but plays a part of one’s life, just like everything is. It is small, but impact. The sidewalks are full of small historical moments. I love history, so my mind sometimes wonders to what might have occurred on this spot years ago? Was is the same as today, simply people walking, or was there a race, a fight, a proposal, anything and everything? What was the short moment? Only the sidewalk knows.

Prompt Week 3: Artist

I love visiting museums when I can. Seeing art is just amazing. However, when knowing the thought behind the piece or performance, it makes the art seem more importance: more than just a piece for the eyes. It becomes a piece for the mind.

Oldenburg’s “The Store” was very interesting. He created the image for the average store, but he took out all the functionality. What i got from the piece as a whole was that the shopping industry is all about looks. The prettier piece has more value, even if the functions is the same as the dented one.

Hammons’s was a performance piece. He sold snowballs by the size. It spoke to e about the fragility and temperance of pure. Once something has been touched, it will never be the same ad will decrease in value. Everything is fleeting; however, you can prolong the inevitability of the quickness of the snowball’s melting by buying a bigger one.

Serra’s piece was simply a placement piece. It was made for the area. It was the only commissioned piece of the four artists listed. It was the only one that had to be taken down by force. The meaning is arguable.  Is it a piece reminding a person of the unknown that can lie on the other side of the wall? Or is it simply what it is named, a “Tilted Wall”?

Walker has the most recent piece of the four. It is dubbed, “A Subtlety”. She created a piece about the history behind sugar the the abuse of African American slaves. It is the most beautiful in my opinion, yet i can not connect to it. I am only a third generation living in America, the first to live in the south. My family ever had any connections with slaves. I am not excusing the blame from myself; I am white and my people did awful, inexcusable things all throughout history. However, it is not my fight. I will be overstepping my place if I fought and acted like the brilliant Walker. I will support for the sidelines making sure the true heroes shine. I do not mean to offend. I apologize if I do. I support justice and equality. I simply do not want to intrude. I will help ready and happy when asked, but it is not my battle to fight.