Reflection Post 6

Day 1: Plane Ride) I was nervous. Plane rides are terrifying to me. I screamed on the plane. Luckily, I had all the lovely scotties to calm me down. I learned that I can depend on my friends.

Day 2: Harlem) We met Jordan, an alumnae of Agnes Scott. She is amazing.  Her work is beautiful; i could just stare at it all day. I learned that people who deserve it can be successful.

Day 3: Farries) We traveled to both Liberty and Elise Islands. The waters, while murky, were lovely to watch as they lazily drift with the movement of the boat and the wind. I mostly hanged out with my dear friends, Alaska, Brittney, and KT. I learned that they do care about me.

Day 4:  Tenant) The tenant museum was so fun. While it was scary being able to see through the floorboards, I learned a lot about the immigration community, The food was the best part though. It is so interesting to learn how other counties foods is so integrated to our culture. Everything was delicious. I learned that I still love history.

Day 5: Bridges and Purple) The Brooklyn Bridge is so high up and long. I’m scared of bridges because I am always afraid the bridge will collapse. Of course it did not, and the walk was very fun. The Color Purple was an amazing play with such powerful emotions and voices. I learned that things will always get better.

Day 6: Fiddler) This was the play and event that I most looked forward to. It was spectacular! I can’t even describe how much I loved it. I learned my parents are always right when they tell me I will love something.

Day 7: The End) The Met was so amazing; I love history. It was a bitter sweet day though because it was my last day in NY. I enjoyed every minute and I am so glad I went. I learned that I am braver than I think.

Photos by me