Reflection Log 7

New York City is a real city, but it is also a theory, a concept, an idea. Throughout time, the physical city has been transformed into one of an ideal.

New York City is a real city: it is on a map, it has physical residence and buildings, it takes up space. It is real. I have journeyed to the big apple for this class. I did not travel into a different dimension nor did i made up the whole trip in my mind; it happened. i walked the streets, I walked the parks, i did a lot of walking. My sore feet at the end of the day prove to me that the city is real, yet it is also not.

It is one of the biggest and most well-know city in the world. Due to its fame, it also causes the city to seem unreal, just an idea. New York City, the place for immigrants to go to for a better life. New York City, the place that never sleeps. New York City, the place that is full of music and art. New York City, the stock market capital of the world. New York City, the place to be. Its name and meaning is bigger than the actual city. It is a place of hope and dreams, music and art, money and power.

New York City is n interesting place that exist on two planes: the plane of reality and the plane of ideas. However, the two planes coexist in peace which adds another level of beauty to the city.