Chakaia Booker’a Sculpture

Chakaia Booker’s Sculpture in Gallery

Description of Piece and Artist

  • A 3-D sculpture made of tires with wooden backing encased in more tires
  • Mostly bike tires with hints of blown up car tires
  • Mostly black but with natural highlights of rusted brown as well as touches of silver due to lighting
  • Sculpture has common themes of transportation, circles/loops, rubber, industrial
  • Made by female Detroit artist
  • Ecological concerns as well as expresses the conflict of racial and gender equality
  • Like Detroit there is no freshness in the piece (for example the lack of fresh water in Michigan)
  • goes against the stereotypes of women being unable to do industrial work/change tires
  • smells of rubber
  • lots of texture from tires
  • made of man-made material

Compare and Contrast of 3-D vs 2-D interpretation of piece

The piece by Chakaia Booker, a Detroit artist, is made of rubber tires. The color is mostly black but with highlights of rusted brown. The light on the piece brings in a hint of silver as well. The piece has a different experience when translated to a 2-D photo. The color emphasizes the black material and the white overhead lights, so the subtle colors like the rusted brown becomes lost. The photo does not convey the massiveness of the piece. The material as well as the color gives off a overwhelming sense of heaviness/ The photo does not properly convey that due to the lost of physical mass the sculptures takes up. The picture is simply a reinterpretation of the piece, but some details are lost in translation. The smell and the texture from the sculpture also is not represented in the photo. unlike the installation of the piece, the viewer can not walk around and see different viewpoints from a photo.