My piece is finally complete.





Here is the invitation. I used writing as a way to bring tension and nervousness that I want the viewer to feel when looking at the piece, and I used one of my sketches to convey one interesting aspect of the piece, the eye. I kept the eye detail subtle, so I wanted to convey that abstract part of the project to the viewer.

The weight of self-deprecation






At the presentation, I placed my piece outside under the walkway. It was underneath the shadows, but still very visible. The idea was to have the viewer miss the piece at first, their eyes should have simply skimmed passed it. That way, when they look again they will see the piece and be a bit startled. I want the piece to be like the feeling it is named after, something one can usually miss, but it is always there and you will always recognized it and feel it when you least expect it.






The Weight of Self-Deprecation This is my presentation for the art piece.

My final thoughts are that I am glad to have taken this class, 3-Dimensional Thinking and Ideas. It has really helped me learn more about 3-D art, the artist in this group, and practical skills. I never though I would have learned how to make a proper table when I signed up for the class, but I am glad I did. It is important to learn a few building skills in life.  As for the companion piece, I am pretty happy with what I accomplished. I mainly do 2-D art, so I had to learn new skills like being aware of the negative space, how the piece stretches, grows, and more. I had a very positive experience this semester and am proud that I have completed my first real 3-Dimensional piece of art.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. I hope to create more art and share it with the world.


The Weight of Self-Deprecation

by Eva Bryant

December 2018

Wood, cloth, used clothes, stables

The piece was created to represent the heavy and laboring feeling of self-hate. The blog on the table stretches and grows on it. It gets bulbous and grotesque. While it may have started off small, in the piece representing how the growth is only on one table leg, it will continue to grow and grow and grow until it consumes the table which is a representing a human mind.