Skills and Strengths

Good with People: I have worked in a retail setting in the past which gave me practice in how to handle and respond to a variety of people in a professional way.

Organization: College has taught me that being organized by being up to date on assignments, resources, and dates is great in a professional setting. Not only does being organized make things neat and tidy, but it also allows me to work faster since I am not scrambling around for misplaced information.

Punctual: I always aim to be early, that way if something does occur, I can be on time. I also keep track of any and all deadlines.

Creative: I have an active imagination that allows me to think outside of the box and find new solutions for problems. Also, I have experience is the arts which allow me to have a different viewpoint on some aspects like advertisement and showcase. I was able to develop my creative side and strengthen my skills by taking multiple art classes at Agnes. The reflection to them can be found attached.

Listening: One of the most important strengths I have is being an active listener. It allows me to be organized, respond to people, and thrive in any setting.