My reflections on my Art Classes

24 January 2019

Reflection 3

While this is not one singular experience, my favorite parts of my Agnes Experiences were in art classes. Even though I am a history major, I do not feel at home or welcomed in the history department. However, I feel like I belong in the art department.

I have taken about 10 art classes in my four years of college. Each one has been a pleasure to take. The part I will miss the most about Agnes would be Dana and everyone in that building. If feels like home, like I belong there, like I am actually wanted. For someone who has difficulties dealing with people, feeling like I am wanted means a lot to me.

I’m leaving Agnes soon though. I will no longer belong in Dana. That hurts, but I have to be ok with that. I’m growing out of being here. I will miss everyone and everything, even the ghost in the building, but I will move on. I’ll take those precious experiences and emotions and find a new place like Dana. I now know that it is possible. I’ll find it eventually.

In my Summit learning outcomes, I link back to this reflection a couple of times.

The Summit Learning Outcomes that I connected to this reflection are numbers,

6. Articulate and appraise problems and solutions from multiple perspectives, critically considering diverse sources of information

7. Recognize, analyze, and employ effective teamwork

8. Identify and assess one’s values, interests and abilities

9. Practice or interpret creative expression or probe fundamental questions of value and meaning

11. Analyze human behavior or social relations

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